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THE VALAR: Nienna by Tania Weil. Lady of Mercy. She was the tutor of Olórin (Gandalf), and weeps constantly. But she does not weep for herself; and those who hearken to her learn pity, and endurance in hope. Her tears are those of healing and pity, not of sadness, and often have potency; for example, she watered the Two Trees with her tears, and later washed the filth of Ungoliant away from them once they were destroyed. She has no spouse.

Nienna, The Mourning Vala. by ~moon-blossom “Nienna looked at the pale Moon under the shadow of her distant halls. She remembered the glory of the Two Trees and all the pain that Melkor caused by his.

A very interesting turn of events in ASOIAF is the fact that Ghost seems particularly at ease with Melisandre (even to Jon's great surprise). Theories include that (1) Melisandre has Ghost under some kind of spell - which I doubt, (2) Ghost senses her intentions are truly good, or (3) the direwolves are driven by thoughts and actions of their masters.Jon's fascination and (not necessary sexual) attraction towards Melisandre may be what puts Ghost at ease. Could G&M together be key to saving…

A very interesting turn of events in ASOIAF is the fact that Ghost seems…

Well as the kneelers decided to delete this because meh "spoilers" I'll post it here ----- King Ageon Targaryen VI