what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by...

Im having a bad day,and im losing stuff and to be reminded of His generosity,im feeling a bit relieved cause i know somewhere in the distant future He had set up a beautiful plan for me to made up for everythg i hve lost.In Shaa Allah

Constantly correct youreslf and do not judge others. For correcting oneself makes you better than the person you were and draws nearness to God. While seeing good in others prevents one from judge, for only God knows a person's heart and has the right to judge; The All-Knower, free from error.

See the bad inside yourself, and see the good inside others. -Imam Ali (a.s)//my master Ali peace be upon him

Brings tears to my eyes and a simultaneous smile !

Be sure that there is something waiting for you after much patience, to astonish you to to a degree that you forget the bitterness of the pain {Imam Ali (a.

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