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Muslims of usa association is planning to build a modern mosque We are gathering architechtural designers, muslim students expert in design, material, structure and sustainability to research and build a modern musque in new england area.

Modern mosque in Qatar

Three years after breaking ground, the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies has officially opened Educat.

10 Modern Mosques From Around the World - Destination KSA

We’re so used to seeing traditionally build mosques that when we see a contemporary construction it leaves us in a different kind of awe. These modern mosques are so ingenious.

Coming soon!    KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten won a competition to design the Mosquée d’Algérie

Image 2 of 6 from gallery of Mosquée d’Algérie / KSP Juergen Engel Architekten. Courtesy of KSP Juergen Engel Architekten

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Gallery - Central Mosque of Pristina Competition Entry / Tarh O Amayesh - 11

Gallery of Central Mosque of Pristina Competition Entry / Tarh O Amayesh - 11

Designed by Tarh O Amayesh in Pristina,Kosovo Designed by Tarh O Amayesh, their proposal for the Central Mosque of Pristina, the fundamental principal of the proje.