Scarf/Shawl crochet pattern

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two pictures with different designs on them and one has an image of a woman in the middle
the crocheted shawl pattern is shown in green and has an intricate design on it
a woman wearing a gray knitted ponchy shawl over her shoulders and the measurements for it
the knitting pattern for shawl veronicaa is shown in three different colors
How to Knit Shawl Veronica?
Shawl Veronica Free Knitting Pattern - This Veronica Shawl is a top-down triangular shawl with a knitted-on lace edging. It is worked from the bottom up beginning with the lace edging. The edging is knit first, then stitches are picked up from the edging and the rest of the shawl is worked on those picked up stitches. The middle has a triangle shape and a leaf lace on both sides. The leaf lace is on both sides of the middle section. #knitting #knittingpattern #knittingstitches #knittingtips
a blue shawl with tassels hanging on a hanger and the text, mint truffle shawl free crochet pattern
Mint truffle shawl - free crochet pattern - Yarnandy