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there are many small toy animals in the hand
Snake desk friend ~ boba snake ~ bread snake ~ bird snake ~ handmade ~ polymer clay ~ figurine ~ snake art
Snake desk friends! Choose between a few styles... Boba and bread snake measures 2 1/2" in length and 1" in height. Bird with rose snake measures 2" in length and 1 1/4" in height to the top of the birds head. NOTE: the mini glass bottles are glass, handle with care :) The snakes are made from polymer clay and have been glazed with uv resin for shine and protection.
a heart shaped bathtub with rubber ducks in it
Baby Duck Pond Heart Clay Trinket Tray, Jewelry Dish
Perfect for holding jewelry, charms, and all your little trinkets around the house while also being cute décor. NOT food safe ❀ DETAILS ❀ - Materials: Polymer Clay, Air Dry Clay, Acrylic Paint, Satin Varnish - Handmade: Please treat them gently and with care. Each tray is made to order and made by hand by me and therefore may have slight differences from product photos. -Dimensions: 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches ~Please note colors on the screen may differ from the actual product due to editing, monitor settings, and lighting~ ❀ SHIPPING ❀ -Due to COVID-19, please expect shipping delays depending on your location. -I do not accept/returns or exchanges, and I am not responsible for any delayed or lost packages. -If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help! ♡
a person's hand holding a small yellow bear charm
Sea Pancake Figurine
This product is a small Manta Ray pancake made with Polymer Clay. It is handmade by me so each one is unique and not the exact same as any other. These Sea Pancakes are great to keep in your pocket or can keep you company at your desk or in your home!
a pink toy pig sitting on top of a table
Polymer Clay Miniature Pink Pig, Kawaii Style - Etsy
Polymer Clay Miniature Pink Pig, Cute Little Kawaii Style Animal Im fond of pigs - Dogs look up to us, Cats look down on us, Pigs treat us as equals! Size: 1 H x 1 W *Optional editions - free of charge: - Lacquer finish. - Key chain. - Metal clasp for a necklace. *This is a handmade item, and no