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Research - 18th Century Dress

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Isis' Wardrobe: The Robe Volante in art and reality
Isis' Wardrobe: The Robe Volante in art and reality
Isis' Wardrobe: The Robe Volante in art and reality

18th c. - Robe Volante/Battante

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The Athenaeum - Condesa de Altamira and Her Daughter, María Agustina (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - ) 1788
The Athenaeum - The Disaster (Francis Wheatley - ) 1788
Habit de Cour en hyver garni de fourrures &c.

The Countess of Melbury's Ball - 1789

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Jean-Etienne Liotard (Swiss artist, 1702-1789) Young Woman, Lady Coventry, in Turkish Clothes 1740-50
Philippe Mercier (1689, Berlin - 1760, London) "Portrait of a Lady with Veil", 1740
"Portrait of a Jacobite Lady", attr. Cosmo Alexander, ca. 1745; NTS 207.132

18th c. - 1740s

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[English and Scottish dress, 18th century.] - ID: 811980 - NYPL Digital Gallery. Painted 19th century.
Outlander 1×04 The Gathering Episode Stills - The Gathering dress
Between 1730 , 1740  Cut velvet burgundy red silk. Liners, unbleached linen and ecru silk taffeta

18th c. - 1740s - Scotland / Outlander

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The Athenaeum - George and Margaret Rogers (Francis Hayman - ) English c 1750
The Athenaeum - George Rogers and His Wife Margaret and His Sister Margaret Rogers (Francis Hayman - ) English c 1750
LOT 24 SACQUE GOWN and PETTICOAT, JOHN HANCOCK ESTATE, c. 1755 -1760 - whitakerauction

18th c. - 1750s

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polonaise  1775  killerton, devon, national trust  1362010
Dress 1775, American, Made of silk
Pet-en-l’air, mid-18th century    From Christie’s

18th c. - 1770s

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Antique Georgian / 18th Century ' Quilted ' Silk | Etsy
Antique Georgian / 18th Century ' Quilted ' Silk | Etsy
1787 fashion plate

18th Century Costuming

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Nancy Parsons in Turkish dress,1771 George Willison
Portrait of a Lady in Turquerie (the fashion for all things Turkish), 1750 by Carle van Loo

18th c. - Turquerie & Orientalism

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The Fashionable Past - Robe a la Francaise draping instructions
Isis' Wardrobe: May 2011: Robe a la Francaise from Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion 1
LACMA grand pannier

18th c. - 1765 LACMA Sacque-ma

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Designs for embroidered Stomachers Place of origin: Nuremberg, Germany Date: ca. 1742 Artist/Maker: Helm, Margaretha (made)  Christoph Weigel (published) Materials and Techniques: Engraving and etching on graph paper Museum number: E.1151-1933 | V&A
Detail sleeve, robe à la Francaise, England, c. 1760. Yellow silk plain weave with weft-float patterning and silk with metallic-thread supplementary-weft patterning, and metallic lace.
Robe a la francaise ca. 1750’s From the Royal Ontario Museum

18th c. - Silver Ghost Francaise

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Riding habit waistcoat    Place of origin:  England, Great Britain (made)    Date:  1790-1795
Portrait of Anna Lopukhina-Gagarina - 1792 - Jean-Louis Voille
Riding Jacket, early 18th c., The Met

18th c. - Riding Habits

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Mary Floyd Tallmadge, Mrs. Benjamin Tallmadge, with son Henry Floyd and daughter Maria Jones, 1790.
RESERVED 18th Century Pink Silk Caraco bodice c | Etsy
Nicolas Pinet    Lady in Yellow Gown with Blue Bandeau    1790

18th c. - 1790s

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Anton Wilhelm Tischbein (1730–1804) Link back to Creator infobox template wikidata:Q595514  Title 	  Deutsch: Ehepaar von Borries mit fünf Kindern  Description 	  Deutsch: Frau von Borries mit vier Kindern (Fragment).  Date 	circa 1770/1775  Title 	  Deutsch: Ehepaar von Borries mit fünf Kindern  Description 	  Deutsch: Frau von Borries mit vier Kindern (Fragment).  Date 	circa 1770/1775 [another turque?]
Robe à l’anglaise: ca. 1770-1790, silk brocade. Silverman/Rodgers Collection, KSUM  1983.001.0010 ab  Re: Robe a la Polonaise, not-polonaised!
ca. 1780 Maria Teresa of Savoy, countess of Artois by an unknown artist

18th c. - Polonaise

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1780s Countess of Derby  Previous  Next  List    The biography of this beauty who traded the stage for a title is here.    This portrait is similar to the 1787 portrait of Elizabeth (née Farren), Countess of Derby by John Downman at National Portrait Gallery, London
Mme Jean-François Heurtier, née Marie-Victoire Jobbé, vers 1790
chemise and fichu-caraco - September 1792 Journal des Luxus und der Moden

18th c. Chemise Gowns

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Isis Wardrobe: How to make a robe de cour in six weeks and hopefully not go crazy, part 2
Court bodice associated with Marie Antoinette ca. 1780-87, from the Musee Galliera http://parismuseescollections.paris.fr/fr/palais-galliera/oeuvres/corset-8
1792 (before) Maria Ludovica of Spain by Etienne Liotard (location unknown to gogm) | Grand Ladies | gogm. Infanta Maria Luisa wears a lace headdress ending in a pair of lappets in this Liotard portrait that dates to well before 1792.

18th c. - Robe de Cour

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Gown 1760-69 | V&A
Dress | Museum of London Dress  The dress is made of yellow silk taffeta, which is brocaded. This means that the flower design is not embroidered, but woven into the fabric. The skirt of this gown is attached to the bodice at the back and side, the front part of the skirt is held up by strings tied around the waist. 1743-1750
Dress, ca. 1735 British Heavy silk with lace pattern design woven in beige and rust on a dark brown satin ground

18th c. English Gowns

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Magasin des Modes, July 1787.
Magasin des Modes, March 1789.
Magasin des Modes, May 1788.

18th c. - Redingotes

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18th Century French Caraco RESERVED Final Payment for EH | Etsy
18th English Changeable Green Taffeta Silk Bodice with | Etsy
18th Century Peach Silk Brocade Bodice | Etsy

18th c. Jackets - Pierrot

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18th Century Antique Plaid Silk Dress Bodice 1770s / 1780s | Etsy
18th Century Antique Plaid Silk Dress Bodice 1770s / 1780s | Etsy
Authentic 18th century Sack Back Gown Robe à la Française | Etsy

18th c. - Guts

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Detail, David Allan's "Highland Dance", 1780:
Jean Baptiste Greuze 1725-1805
1775, V

18th Century Stripes

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Le Lever de Fanchon  Nicolas Bernard Lépicié - 1773
Techniques  etching, engraving.  Print made by Johann Feigel Date  1766-1780
A Lady at her Toilet (La Toilette), c.1716-17 (oil on canvas)

18th c. - Dressing, Bathing, Etc.

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Musee Galliera 1770-1780
Green Brocade Caracao, 1780s.
Imatex - Jacket with tabbed skirting, cut all in one with the bodice.  Open front, meant to be worn over a stomacher.

18th c. Jackets - Caraco

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Calash - c. 1790 THE MET
Miss Calash in Contemplation, 1780
Woman's hat  American, late 18th to early 19th century

18th c. Accessories

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Rococo Atelier: Robe à la Française - the first wearing at Christmas ball 2013
Beautiful dark version of the jacket from Costume Close-Up, via The Shadow of My Hand.
Mode de Lis - wearing her gorgeous Polonaise gown with red Kensingtons and Valois buckles.

18th c. - Great Costumes

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18th Century Antique Plaid Silk Dress Bodice 1770s / 1780s | Etsy
Portrait d'une femme en buste by François-Hubert Drouais 1757
Princess Frederika Sophia Wilhelmina of Orange, nee Prussia by Johann Georg Ziesenis, 1768-1769

18th c. - Checkered

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