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Research - Historical Shoes & Boots

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Museum of London | Free museum in London
Herrenschuh [Museum Weißenfels - Schloss Neu-Augustusburg] 1670-1680 [about] Deutschland

Shoes - Mens

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Chopines - 17th c., no source (http://redslipperdiary.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/shoes-through-the-centuries/)
Shoe of the Month Podcast: Chopine, The Bata Shoe Museum
Chopines and Jeffrey Campell Heels - heelless shoes

Shoes - Chopines

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Danckers de Rij Władysław IV Vasa (detail) 01 - 1600–1650 in Western European fashion - Wikipedia
Studio of Justus Sustermans (Antwerp 1597-1681 Florence) | Portrait of Mattias de Medici (1613-1667), full-length, in a suit of armour and plumed hat | Christie's
Old masters. Beautiful painting Details: kolybanov — LiveJournal

Shoes - Baroque, Cavalier

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Pair of shoemaker's sample shoes      Probably Italian, 1610–20       Italy (probably)  Dimensions      Overall: 12.1 x 6 x 16.5 cm (4 3/4 x 2 3/8 x 6 1/2 in.) Other (heel): 5cm (1 15/16in.)  Medium or Technique      Stamped and punched leather; trimmed with silk tassels  Classification      Sample / Specimen   Accession Number      44.511a-b
Portrait of a lady thought to be Vere Egerton, Mrs William Booth, attributed to Robert Peake (1541-1619).
Portrait of a Lady, Possibly Elizabeth, Countess of Kellie, c.1619-20  by Paulus Van Somer  (1576/78-1622)  a Flemish artist who arrived in England from Antwerp during the reign of King James I of England and became one of the leading painters of the royal court

Shoes - Tudor, Elizabethan, Stuart

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Shoe-Icons / Shoes / Lady's damask pattens, decorated with embroidery and twill ribbon. 1720-40
Shoe-Icons / Shoes / Ladies patten overshoes of a white silk brocade fabric with leather soles and lining. 1720-40
Shoe-Icons / Shoes / Lady's damask pattens, decorated with embroidery and twill ribbon. 1720-40

Shoes - 18th c Pattens

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Women's boots, British, 1790-1820, leather. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection - 1776
H4448-106 Front laced boots, pair, womens, leather / linen, maker unknown, England, c. 1785-1800 - Powerhouse Museum Collection

18th c. - Boots?

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A practical outfit. Costume parisien, 1810
The Costumer's Manifesto: 18th Century Shoes
La mode au fil de l'histoire: Les modes au temps de la Révolution Française

Shoes - 18th Century - Mens

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Pair of woman's boots, beige cotton, England ca. 1820 | V&A
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made 1790

Shoes - 1790-1820

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Embroidered Shoes 1740's/50's These were clearly for an older lady who required a comfortable shoe rather than one with a fashionable high heel.Embroidered Shoes
V&A: 1730s-40s
The Met: 1700-1720

Shoes - 18th century

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Woman's shoes, 1820
Boots, pair, womens, silk/morocco/linen and storage bag, cotton, England, c. 1825.  (-1:2) Pair of straight women's yellow dancing boots, mass produced, handstitched, with rounded toe and worn single lift spring heel. The boots feature a yellow morocco galosh and yellow silk leg, with 10 pairs of worked holes. One of the boots (-1) is threaded with yellow cord lace. The boots have no tongue, are trimmed with a yellow bow at the throat and are partially lined in linen, with a linen sock. The s...
1825 - 30 Accessory set | American | The Met

Shoes - 1820s

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LOT 123 TWO PAIR WOOL BOOTS with LEATHER CAP TOE, 1830s - whitakerauction
1830, de arranque
Damask gaiter boots, c.1830

Shoes - 1830s

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Shoes  Date: 1840–49 Culture: American Medium: cotton, leather
Tie Shoes: 1830-1850, leather.
Pair of Woman's Slippers Probably United States, circa 1840

Shoes - 1840s

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American Duchess : "Gettysburg" Victorian Side-Lace Boots, c. 1830-1860  $155
Pair of Woman's Slippers Probably United States, circa 1850 Costumes; Accessories Kid leather, leather, linen twill Length: 8 5/8 in. (21.91...
Wool and leather side-lace boots, mid-Victorian

Shoes - 1850s

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Engraving  Catalogue illustration of a shoe  John Henry Walker (1831-1899)  1850-1885, 19th century
19th century shoes
Shoes, 1850s-70s

Shoes - 1860s

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Rare Robins Egg blue High boot Victoian ca 1870-80 Milk glass buttons Museum deaccession. $325.00, via Etsy.
Red Silk Shoe circa 1870
1874 Boots

Shoes - 1870s

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French Pinet Boots - Jean-Louis François Pinet — Google Arts & Culture
Victorian Shoes

Shoes - 1880s

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F-troupe.com , reproduction Victorian boots with elastic threads for the buttons, which make them slightly adjustable.
Shoe-Icons / Shoes / Beaded and gold embroidered mules. Turkey, 1880-1900
Edwardian pumps

Shoes - 1890s

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Ball-Bearing boots none the less! Vintage #cyclingposters @brooksengland    via @tomjohn001
Circa 1890 Ladies Sporting Boots, Likely For Riding, Black Wool Faille High Lace Boots With Leather Trim Including Pair of Buckles At Top, Low Louis Heel with Pointed Toe.
U.S. Rubber Co's Tennis Yachting and Gymnasium Shoes Ad, 1907. Image: Wikipedia.

Shoes - Edwardian-19teens

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1920-28 Paris, Musée international de la Chaussure
Pumps 1920, French, Made of silk and leather
Shoes 1925, French, Made of leather

These shoes remind me of ribcages

Shoes - 1920s

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White Leather Perforated Lace-up Shoes, USA, 1930's
new soda shoes
Leather Oxfords - Tic Tack Toe (modern)

Shoes - 1930s

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The Closet Historian: Scarves & Beautiful Shoes : Cataloging Catalogs MW S/S 1950
The Closet Historian: Scarves & Beautiful Shoes : Cataloging Catalogs MW S/S 1950
The Closet Historian: Scarves & Beautiful Shoes : Cataloging Catalogs MW S/S 1950

Shoes - 1940s & 50s

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Low Italian heels pointed tow slippers, France, late 1780s-1790s (?), decorated with embroidery and a green silk plisse on the vamp. Sharp toe, italian heel, leather and flax lining. http://eng.shoe-icons.com/collection/object.htm?id=1575
Shoe-Icons / Shoes / Striped silk Louis heel shoes, decorated with a bow on the vamp, 1750
The Met: 1750-69


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Elegant  Georgian Paste Buckle, Sterling Silver 1780's, and two paste brooches.
silver shoe buckles, cut to sparkle like marcasite
18th century Shoe buckles - British - The Met

Shoes - 18th Century Shoe Buckles

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Buckles, circa 1750 - 1760, Silver or silver-plated metal, precious stones, silver or steel chape and tongue
PAIR OF PASTE SHOE BUCKLES, PORTUGUESE MID 18TH CENTURY.  Each of tapered arched design decorated with table-cut paste of red tint, centring on two opposing flower head motifs set with pear-shaped and circular-cut paste of near-colourless tint.
18th century buckle 4 Trouvais

Shoes - 18th Century Shoe Buckles (4)

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"Shoe buckle, silver set with pastes and pyrites (commonly known as marcasites) ca. 1780s, England"
Late 18th c. Shoe buckles - British - The Met

Shoes - 18th Century Shoe Buckles (5)

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