Desa Sade, Lombok

I lived here for 3 weeks and it was amazing! Crazy, eye opening, hard and different, but so great!

Maninjau Lake

Lake Maninjau is located in Tanjung Raya, Agam, West Sumatra.

Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Ever dreamed of spending a night on an water villas (overwater bungalows) and be greeted by the scenic ocean view every day? Here’s the best over water villas in Indonesia you can think of - almost like in the Maldives!

mount everest

Puncak Jaya m) of Jayawijaya Mountains, Papua. Also called Carstensz Pyramid, named after the Dutch explorer, Jan Carstenszoon, who first sighted the glaciers on its peak in

Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu Crater Lakes - Flores Island, Indonesia ~ 3 crater lakes that colour change from blues and greens to black and red due to minerals in the lakes

Romodong Beach

Romodong Beach