This Instagram Will Inspire Muslims & Clingy-Clothes Haters Alike #refinery29

Hipster Hijabis - Summer Albarcha Modest Fashion

We pay tribute to Hipster Hijabis' 18 coolest OOTD pics, to inspire anyone who dresses modestly for religious reasons — or just loves a good maxi skirt.

simplyxcovered (S I M P L Y C O V E R E D) on Instagram

I'm pinning this because I like the outfit colours combination and the cinched gold belt. Not keen on the 'so-called-statement - necklace-so-i-don't-cover-my-chest-properly"

black skinny jeans and red cardigan

Style your hijab in a cute simple way, wear nice outfits and express your personality! Stay confident in wherever you wear and enjoy the mixing and