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This is why I'm a slytherin

This is why I'm a slytherin<<<<<I'm in ravenclaw but a lot of my friends are slytherin.--- Hufflepuff, and my two best friends are Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, but I love Slytherin House and think they get way too much hate.

Caerulus Ignus - OtGw x GF Hogwarts AU by yukisnishika on DeviantArt

Based to 's Hogwarts AU She's wonderful Check her out~ ps: not sure about the wands' design but maa~ Over the Garden Wall © Patrick McHal. Caerulus Ignus - OtGw x GF Hogwarts AU

I WANT TO MAKE A F*****G VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!! DX

It's nice to feel loved. Sometimes I don't alvays feel loved, but I'm glad zat I have so many friends.