song-il-kook_1424240171_af_org.jpg (520×1560) The triplets were Super Adorable as babies.

Song Il Kook wishes everyone a happy Lunar New Year with adorable baby photos of the triplets

Favorite Daehan, Minguk, Manse with appa | The Return of Superman

The triplets ❤️❤️ Daehan. And Manse from the return of superman

Daehan is not cute hes handsome #cute #daehan #triplets #daehanmingukmanse

Juhan Ryu (portrayed by Song Daehan) is Tae's son with Sunhwa (if he doesn't marry Janis or Esme), and is Munchie's half-brother.

Daehan x Manse

Song Il Guk decides to pursue both his drama and 'Superman It'll be really hard.