Yes. I will walk alone before I meet someone who love me because of God

Allah swt doesn't want us to have a relationship in the haram way, because he doesn't want our hearts broken after. Wait till allah swt gives you someone to complete half your Deen ameen

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islamsymphony: “The most beautiful thing is that He knows what you are about to tell Him and yet He still listens. - Aa’idh Al Karni عائض القرني ”



mashAllah must be real love

I told Allah about you, then, I cried.miss u mah love.

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Fall in LOVE with Allah.

Fall in LOVE with Allah.

Asiyah, one of the best woman of Paradise/Djennah

Ya Allah grant us Jannah.

If it doesn't work out with someone who you hoped to marry, rest assured that Allah SWT will send someone better for you!    ♥

Although they plan, Allah also plans. And Allah is the best of planners.