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a close up of a plastic santa clause head
a frosted cake decorated with an image of a reindeer
50 Drool-Worthy Frozen-Inspired Cakes That Look Too Good to Eat
a close up of a santa clause figurine on a white surface with red and green decorations
a small christmas tree with presents under it
Christmas Tree With Train
a birthday cake with a mouse on it
"'Twas the night before Christmas" Novelty Cake
a birthday cake decorated with penguins and snowflakes
a red and white christmas cake with santa clause on top
a christmas cake decorated with snowmen and sleighs
a three tiered christmas cake with teddy bears and candy canes on the bottom
Festive Christmas Cake Designs to Sweeten Your Celebration
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gingerbread house cake
a three tiered cake decorated with gingerbread houses and candy canes
Gingerbread house cake
a cake with a gnome hat on top and the words, step by step guide
Gnome Cake - Delicious Vanilla Cake Recipe with Buttercream Frosting
This gnome cake is just as adorable as it is delicious! It's made with vanilla cake layers and wears a fun red rice krispie hat!
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a decorated christmas cake with a teddy bear and tree topper sitting on a plate