Anang iiw

Anang iiw

Solo, the spirit of Java / Where are you have birth, there are us may struggle
Anang iiw
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The old Green Ranger Tommy Oliver was better and he still is better because he was a Green Range, White Ranger, Red Ranger thin he was the Black Ranger and that is why he is still the coolest Power Ranger that there is DUDE!

The Mighty Morphing Green Ranger by HellGab

I know not all of them are from the mighty morphing or green, but Jason David Frank aside from doing the role of different ranger, he also did the role . The Mighty Morphing Green Ranger

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Les histoires vraies : Fatima Al-Fihriya, fondatrice de la plus ancienne université encore ouverte - :

The oldest academic degree-granting university existing today founded by Muslim woman in Fes, Morocco, Fatima Al-Fihiyya.

잎을 사용해서 편지지를 디자인 한다는 발상이 너무 마음에 들었고 자연의 느낌을 들어 편안함을 조성하는 디자인

Japanese design studios neo-green and eding:post have collaborated on ‘leaf letter’, a series of postcards, stationary and envelopes in the shape of leaves. Love this invitation packaging concept PD