Anang iiw

Anang iiw

Solo, the spirit of Java / Where are you have birth, there are us may struggle
Anang iiw
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The old Green Ranger Tommy Oliver was better and he still is better because he was a Green Range, White Ranger, Red Ranger thin he was the Black Ranger and that is why he is still the coolest Power Ranger that there is DUDE!

I bet I could take over the world if I had all these Zords to command.

I bet I could take over the world if I had all these Zords to command. Good luck taking me on with Gurren Lagann, Getter Robo G, and Demonbane!

The Mighty Morphing Green Ranger by HellGab

I know not all of them are from the mighty morphing or green, but Jason David Frank aside from doing the role of different ranger, he also did the role . The Mighty Morphing Green Ranger

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Hopscotch captures the work hard to play harder mentality of the Middle Eastd, reminding every off-road enthusiast that in a Jeep, adventure is only a

Food for Heaven: Nutrition Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Ramadan Fast

Sehri (Suhoor) Suggetions - Food Fact Sehri is a little mealtime traditionally eaten before daylight during Ramadan by Muslims;