Anantamurti Hapsari

Anantamurti Hapsari

don't judge a book by it's early pages
Anantamurti Hapsari
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Good ways to help our kids make & keep friends, especially since I struggle with this myself! Great read about how parents can help their kids understand what it takes to be a good friend.

Help your kids understand what goes into a real, true friendship. The characteristics of what will make them a good friend and qualities that make a good friend. How you can support healthy friendships and teach your child how to be a good friend.

easy caterpillar craft for kids

Use up those extra paint stir sticks and make a fun caterpillar craft! (Make smaller ones with jumbo craft sticks?

Kids who hit. Parenting tips - never know when I might need this

Tips For Kids That Hit. Has some really good ideas to show/ tell kids that it's not ok to hit. I need to share this with the daycare since they are awful about handling hitting incidents.

Time In vs Time Out #Parenting Tool

Positive Parenting Tools: Time In vs. Time Out Time In vs Time Out Tool - I've used "Time In's" with my son since the beginning.

Summer Websites for Kids!

This is 10 Free Learning Websites for Kids to use. A child specialist could have computers linked to these free fun websites. It could be for children who want to do something educational and with electronics.