Ana Setiadi

Ana Setiadi

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart -Helen Keller- You have to know me, to KNOW me well
Ana Setiadi
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Are you studying Mandarin Chinese? There’re many great ways to learn any language, but if Mandarin is a member of your bucket list you should give this resource list a good look through. has lent us this super awesome infographic to showcase some of the most successful and popular current ways to study Mandarin.... Read More

We interviewed 50 top polyglots and language learners and created this awesome infographic showing you the top 10 ways to learn Mandarin Chinese.

The Chinese vocabulary of office workers daily life.

In Fact,This Daily Chinese Course is not Just for Beginners.It is a course that cover ALL Level, We Set Up Many Useful and Practical Topics, Conversations,Pharses For People Use in Their Daily Life.


Still frustrated about learning the complex Chinese characters? Well, actually there are only 2000 characters for basic use in Chinese life. Here we list the most frequently used Chinese characters and words to help you learn Chinese characters better.