anastasya regina

anastasya regina

anastasya regina
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Yeah all us animatronics are here for you Goldie even if you're different!

I always thought the animatronics would fear Goldie, like he's sorta a leader figure. But I love this, so who cares?

Golden Freddy #FNAF #GoldenFreddy

FNAF Challenge Day 6 & 9 - Golden Freddy & Toy ChicaDs by: Pole-Bear I’m sorry, I forgot to draw Golden Freddy because I am very forgetful, so I did it as fast as I could …

pole bear fnaf - Shadow Freddy & Bonnie

I step back and look at the Shadow Figures." I stammered "Hello~" they both said in Unison." (I need someone to be Shadow Freddy and/Or shadow Bonnie.