Art: Winter, Snow

Arts & crafts for 1st grade (or may be adapted) around winter & snow.
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three owls sitting on a tree branch in the snow at night with moon and stars
Owls in the night
Kids Artists Blog | Fingerprint Snowy Owl Scene
a snowman made out of paper with the words how to build a snowman
Winter Fun!!
Winter Fun Math and Literacy Activities!!
step by step instructions for how to paint snowman starr night
How To Paint A Snowman Starry Night - Step By Step Painting
How To Paint Snowman Starry Night There's a picture book that I've always been fond
paper plate frosty the snowman craft for kids
Paper Plate Frosty the Snowman Craft
Paper Plate Frosty the Snowman Craft - Winter craft for kids to make |
a snow globe with an image of a house and two bears in it, on top of a wooden base
our winter projects are done
Snow globe art project - an absolute classic.
there is a hot cocoa cup on the table
2ndgradestars l
100 marshmallows in our hot cocoa? Maybe 10 cups of cocoa, 10 marshmallows...
a paper plate with a snowman on it and a child standing next to it
Elementary Shenanigans
snow paint {equal parts glue and shaving cream} to add snow. We also sprinkled some white glitter on top which made it sparkle! :) I swear…glitter can jazz anything up!
two snowmen made out of construction paper on an orange background
Nancy Nolan's Kindergarten
Giant snowmen .... have pattern legs. Geometry. Shapes
three snowman ornaments sitting on top of a table
Snowman. could we do this 1-dimensional
a snowman made out of popsicle sticks with a carrot sticking out of it
Winter Crafts
Snowflake art - just remove the tape when the paint dries! Festive Crafts, Kids Christmas Crafts Easy
A Preschool Snowflake Masterpiece
Snowflake art - just remove the tape when the paint dries!
how to make paper snowflakes with napkins
Holiday Snowflakes- photo tutorial
the pink couch: Holiday Snowflakes- photo tutorial
several pieces of paper cut out of people's faces with mouths and teeth on them
Joy of the 1st snow, 1st grade. I don't know when I will ever have time to do this, but I LIKE it!
a drawing of a snowman with a hat and scarf on it's head
Snow People from Cedar Creek Elementary
Kindergartners used sponges and white tempera to stipple a small, medium and large circle for their snow person. After watching "The Snowman" we used black marker to outline and illustrate our snow people. Each student chose their own unique hat to draw and had to have something in their snowperson's hand. We used construction paper crayons to add color to our snow people. Be sure to compliment your favorite artist!
an art project for kids to make christmas trees in the snow with colored construction paper
teacher tip: permanent markers & whiteboards
winter art with tissue paper