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an empty room with sliding glass doors and wood flooring in the center, looking out onto a garden
Architect Visit: Victorian Remodel in San Francisco - Remodelista
Modern sliding doors.......Architect Visit: Victorian Remodel in San Francisco : Remodelista
an image of a room with a sliding door in the middle and a chair next to it
Industrial sliding door. The one I've been looking for, but where do I find it? make it?
an old door with a plant growing out of it
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Pink door on Bourbon Street, French Quarter
an old door is open to reveal what's in the kitchen and pantry area
My inspiration files - Holly Mathis Interiors
an old wooden door with iron bars on the sides and vines growing out of it
A door in Beaune, France
an old wooden door sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a white wall
before & after: repurposed horse stall doors
horse stall door