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Brainstorming About the New Year 2017

2018 Quit sleeping with my blanket Start being active Visit Portland or Seattle? Accept that things change Honor Make a beautiful room See Learn to say no Give to a person in need Eat Have Be Act Grow plants.

List the things that make me happy, can add pictures and embellishments

I keep a "Game Journal" as my daughter calls it where I write down notes about my games but also keeps all sorts of lists, lines of poetry, what went well today, and stuff like "Things That Make Me Happy.

A one-year bucket list that's doable -- put it in front to see it frequently & stay motivated #journal More

New Year resolutions 2014 - link is broken but good inspiration to make your own list. // Never thought of it this way, I don't usually make resolutions but this seems fun :)

Too bad the only ones that will matter to me are the ones who had my back from day one.

One day the people who didn't believe in you, will tell everyone they meet, how they know you. And my response to them is. Still old school and achieved my success in doing what i do best, and that is Strickly business and A successful entrepreneur!