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Harrods Chinese New Year windows at Knightsbridge, London visual merchandising

Harrods Chinese New Year windows at Knightsbridge London 10 Harrods Chinese New Year windows at Knightsbridge, London

Carnival Ideas + Tropical

Habitually Chic®: The Milly store windows on Madison Avenue also got into the palm party. Photo by moi.

Pepsi: Halloween Reaching over 300K people on FB in just a few hours

Pepsi once did a funny Halloween ad. In the picture, a Pepsi can dresses up as a Coke can to scare people. The headline was, “We wish you a scary Halloween!” That’s not a bad idea, but Coke got the last word. In a classic.

Coca-Cola: Cokesanta #ad #print #ooh

Coke ads like these are playing into the Christmas Culture. Santa claus was originally shown as a large man with rosey cheeks by the Coca Cola company and they have kept the tradition since then as the the idea was accepted into pop culture.

#ad #print

I like the idea of having the tomatoes inside the heinz bottle, as it's different but effectively eye-catching. I really like this image as it's more creative as a still life photo.