The Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, : Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother

Love is blind because "You started loving me before seeing my face" this is how i felt about my boys


Forgive and forget? It's forgive TO forget. Forgiveness is one of the bravest acts, but the reward is worth it, because it's freedom for you.

im going to stay awake all night and pray, and sleep during the day :D i'll wake up right when its time to open roza :D

Goal this Ramadan: sleep less, pray more! Not everyone gets a chance to see Ramadan again, so if you do get the chance- spend your Ramadan wisely & be grateful to have yet another blessed opportunity :)In sha Allah

R Remember A Allah M Morning A Afternoon D Day A And N Night

15 dys hv pasd R we tkn advantge of dis beautifl gift of Ramadaan by occupyn ourslvs in d rembrnc of Allah? Hav we raisd r hands in sincrly askn Dis is a remndr *Remindr benefts d belivr *Time is precious ,mke it count.