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20 Open Ended Questions for Kids

Get examples of open ended questions for kids with these conversation starters! Perfect for preschoolers to practice creative and critical thinking skills.

Lunch Box Jokes for Spring, FREE PRINTABLE

Lunch box jokes are such an easy way to make lunch a little more fun. Paired with the FREE PRINTABLE of Lunch Box Jokes for Spring, lunch will be awesome! Lunch Box Jokes for Spring

Brettspiele - Jahreszeiten, Monate und Wochentage

Die Serie Brettspiele soll dazu dienen, den gegebenen Stoff mündlich, auf spielerische Weise zu wiederholen. Die Instruktionen für die Lehrer sind dabei.Wenn Ihnen dieses Blatt gefällt, finden Sie hier andere…

Speaking questions Boardgame

This boardgame contains 38 different questions similar to the ones you can be asked in the First Certificate Part 1 (Level B2)Roll the dice and answer the appropriate question giving details and justifying your answers. - ESL worksheets

Englisch Wortschatz erweitern: Andere Wege um "I think" zu sagen!

Wie viele englische Wörter gibt es? ✅ Die besten Englisch-Vokabeltrainer ✅ Kostenlose Vokabellisten mit den wichtigsten englischen Wörtern!

Speaking Double-sided Board Game! - ESL worksheet by rowanoak7

This is a double sided conversation and speaking board game. Questions are different on both sides, so if the students finish before the rest of the class is done, they can start a new game with different questions on the other side.

Conversation Starters: Bulletin Board Set

Promote respectful conversation in the classroom while building critical thinking skills. Cards feature conversation starters to aid in classroom discussions and help students engage in accountable talk.Includes:• "Let's Talk" banner (22.25" x 8")• 17 conversation starter cards (approximately 11" x 7")• 1 customizable card• teaching guide22.25" x 8"This set is great for prompting classroom discussions.Help students build critical thinking skills.Make one large display or spread around the…

Feelings & Emotions

A conversation based worksheet on the topic of feelings and emotions. The aim of this worksheet is to put the focus on the students. Have the students discuss the topic in pairs or small groups. I hope you find it useful. - ESL worksheets

Conversation Starters Cards | Holidays | Volume #30 FREE!!!

Help your MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS develop social skills with these engaging and fun CONVERSATION STARTERS. This FREE resource includes 12 task cards about HOLIDAYS. All questions are open questions and require development. Almost all task cards have at least two questions.➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✅...

50+ Questions to Start a Conversation with Anyone in English - ESLBuzz Learning English

In this lesson, you will learn a list of 50+ questions to start a conversation with anyone in English.

SPeaking Cards -What would you do if....

There are 16 cards in this upload. The questions are dilemmas (What would you do if..) that students need to answer. The cards can be cut out, laminated og you can print them and give one page to each student in pairs of two. - ESL worksheets

Speaking Cards: Present Continuous

More practice to reinforce the correct usage of present continuous. To be played with partners. Choose a number and then answer in the present continuous tense in complete sentences. - ESL worksheets

Tongue Twisters: 65 Popular Tongue Twisters to Improve Pronunciation - English Study Online

Tongue Twisters in English! Learn over 60 useful and hardest tongue twisters to pronounce in English with ESL pictures.

Schnell Englisch Lernen – mit E-Books - HSE-Methode.com

Du willst Englisch schneller und mit viel Freude lernen? Dann sind kostenlose eBooks ideal für dich! Hier findest du unterhaltsame Angebote für jeden Geschmack. Schaue dir diese einmalige Liste mit spannenden kostenlosen eBooks für Anfänger an, die von den Kollegen von “SNEE” bereitgestellt wurde. weiterlesen

Tell me about the last time you...

A good speaking activity to practice past simple or just conversation using prompt questions. Grammar: Past simple tense; Materialtype: Conversation topics &...

Conversation starters about books and reading | English conversation for kids, English teaching reso

Get your MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS talking and writing with this multi-usage BUNDLE of resources. 40 bell ringers/task cards/writing prompts about BOOKS, READING, AND WRITERS in 3 different formats. All questions are open questions and require development. Almost all bell ringers/task cards/wr...