Love this book quote and beautiful image.

"A good book should leave you.slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it." via themetapicture

Book quotes - Books are the best friends you can have.

16 Reasons Books Are Our Best Friends

These beautiful quotes about books and reading will bring out the inner bookworm in you!

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Close your eyes, take a breath, inhale calmness, exhale stress, make a culpa, sink into a chair, pick up a book, disappear.

Mindful Magic

YUP this is my life

This actually happened this year only they are older than me and I have only read 32 books. I do have some life

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18 Hilarious Images That Perfectly Capture Your Childhood as a Bookworm

Now, I'm the teacher and still get excited to pull out a book at silent reading time!

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