So doing this with the family.

Customize your special gift for Mother's day with GLAMULET PHOTO charms.Mother's Day handprint and footprint gifts: "You Are My Sunshine" Print by Pitter Patter Print at Etsy

Flower Handprint Craft - Mother's Day Craft

Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Handprint Flower

Finger painting with toddlers is a great gift. Have your little one make a hand print flower as a gift of Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or just because.

wooden growth chart. Who knew it was so easy.

30 minute wooden chart- I like this idea instead of using a wall like my parents did. Then if you move, it moves with you

Cute Footprint Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids (Find hearts, race cars, flowers, love bugs, and more!) |

Cute Footprint Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids (Find hearts, race cars, flowers, love bugs, and more! The ladybug is my favorite!

How to make salt dough ornaments - they're so easy and fun for kids!

Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Crayola crayon letter for JJ....wonder how many boxes of crayons I'd need to do this in green and gold!!

Crayola Letter Art In Blues Or Pinks

Buy Crayola Letter Art from The Letteroom: We've created a unique handmade artwork in any letter of your choice using Crayola crayons. That way, you still get to have the lovely retro crayons without having to actually use them.

BABY’S FIRST VALENTINE |PRINTABLE | Valentine's Day Printable | by brigette turner

While this is technically our little one’s second Valentine, I can’t wait to make this LOVE Footprint Art with her! Thanks to Brigette Turner for this free printable.

DIY Tutu Tutorials for Skirts and Dresses We have a fun craft for you today: tutus! Tutus aren’t just for ballet class or recital anymore. Lots of little girls twirl around in them, playing with their friends and wearing them to school. Adults wear them too, they have become popular for women to wear for running …

45 DIY Tutu Tutorials for Skirts and Dresses

How to make a no sew tutu. Create a custom sized tutu with this easy no-sew ribbon tie tutu tutorial. This peacock inspired tutu is perfect for Halloween!

Homemade princess crowns... perfect for Emmy's first birthday party!

Princess crowns are a must for every princess birthday party. It is fun and simple to make lace princess crowns yourself using lace and fabric stiffener!

DIY Tulle Headpiece More

DIY Tulle Headband

DIY Tulle Headband - perfect for Ballet, Dress ups or Weekends intended for FUN!