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So Protecting Brother

“Chapter “ The inspiration for this time of mutsumix was the chapter today. I really loved that part of the chapter, Itachi Sasuke watching every bit as tender moment, both very tender.

Nee ~~ kawaii desu

Awwww this just melted my heart. Naruto why do you have to be so beautiful. And Kakashi you too, I can't handle it!

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Kushina thought Naruto will laugh if she did the same as Minato but Naruto ended up getting scared xD

I do like this game Sk much♡

I do like this game sort of. Saw my friend playing it at his house once. Was kind of boring. He was just jumping off buildings and shoving people out of the way.


Assassin's Creed Does anyone want to drop a comment im not sure about jacob and evie (family) they kind of "liberated" london from templar rule


Altair is spending some quality time with his descendants! Since Ezio is a fanboy, he's very happy. On the contrary Desdes wants to be somewhere else. Assassin's Creed: in Venice