Co2 emission

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infographic: countries emitting the most greenhouse gases in the world in 2012

Treibhausgasemissionen nach Ländern und Sektoren (Infografik) | Aktuelles | Europäisches Parlament

Wie viele Treibhausgase verursachen die EU-Mitgliedstaaten und Wirtschaftssektoren? Welche Länder zählen zu den Top-Emittenten weltweit? All dies erfahren Sie in unserer Infografik.

How the World Passed a Carbon Threshold and Why It Matters

How the World Passed a Carbon Threshold and Why It Matters

Trump puts humanity back on track to levels not seen since it was to warmer and seas were 75 to 120 feet higher.

Carbon emissions all at sea: why was shipping left out of the Paris Climate Agreement?

Ships and planes will wipe out half the emissions savings to be made