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Andre Hutapea
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"The Parthenon" -- In Greek culture, there is no greater achievement than the world-famous Parthenon atop the Acropolis of Athens. Though it has not been in use for many centuries, it still holds power over local residents and tourists alike. It was constructed between 447-432 BC as a dedication to the goddess 'Athena Pallas' or 'Parthenos' (virgin).

The Parthenon, Athens, Greece. How beautiful set off by the perpetually blue sky. The setting is spectacular.

"Musée du Louvre" -- Displays arts such as Egyptian antiques, Islamic art, decorative arts, sculptures, paintings, drawings and artefacts that have been collected by the French government over the past five centuries. Housing timeless art pieces such as da Vinci’s 'La Joconde,' better known as Mona Lisa. Stretching across an area of 652,000 square feet, it has been estimated that it could take up to 9 months just to view every piece of art.

The Louvre Pyramid is a large glass and metal pyramid, surrounded by three smaller pyramids, in the main courtyard of the Louvre Palace in Paris. This pyramid is the main entrance to the Louvre, and a new modern piece of architecture found in Paris.