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So sweet ❤️ I do all the time!!!
Modern - Powerpoint Template - Creative PowerPoint Templates
stability ball exercises - I think my knee will permit me to do exactly 2 of these, but it's a start!
Great way to practice pressing into handstand
Your Basic Yoga Equipment: if you do not have one of these, rounded arms of a big sofa can reach the thorasic curve just as well - do this daily, if you can. Backbends are the counter posture to life.
Studio Seva - Yoga Wall - Yoga Kurunta
Wrist elevator for for dog pose, handstands, etc. I gave up on yoga because my wrists would hurt so bad.
Mini Personal Yoga Studio https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoga-Society/321264924688164
Pin now, practice later! Yoga for heart opening
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