Balinese Dancers - Sanur, Bali

Bali Dancer - Sanur, Bali Im enamored with how these dancers are both elegant and badass!

Balinese dancer. It's the hands that are so special in this dance.  Fingers must be able to bend waay back.

Legong dancer in Bali,her dress was embroidered complicated with basic shape of Indonesian Region

Javanese Traditional Dance

Woman Performing a Traditional Javanese Palace Dance at The Sultan's Palace, Kraton, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Serimpi dance, Central Java

Serimpi dance belongs to the legacy of Keratons in Central java. This is a dance ceremony to welcome the special guest, for example the Kingdom guests.

Cokek dance; Betawi, Java

Wonderful Indonesia - Impressive Dance Forms in Indonesia's Multi-Faceted Cultures - Yapong Dance from Betawi (Jakarta)

another betawi dance

another betawi dance

Yapong Dance, One of Betawi Folk Dance

Yapong dance, Betawi folk dance of Indonesia