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john wick suit keaanu reeves wear - Bing Images

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) was forced to return to the old world while giving the dog his late wife was killed and his favorite car of the Ford Mustang was stolen by criminals.

sunyshore: Rage of Bahamut and Yuri!!! On Ice are doing a collaboration, starting Feb 15th!

artist_request black_gloves black_hair brown_eyes castle dutch_angle fingerless_gloves gloves hair_slicked_back jewelry katsuki_yuuri male_focus necklace official_art shingeki_no_bahamut skating smile snowflakes snowing tree yuri!_on_ice

My Journey To Fit And Healthy

It’s time you get out of your world of excuses and motivate yourself to work out. In this fast world we need to constantly push ourselves to find time to maintain our fitness levels. Here are some motivational quotes to work out.