Astrology Quotes : Yup this is completely true my man always tells me I'm a good woman and dif

I hate it!

Ignore me as a mind game or cuz you really dont care.it doesnt matter which cuz I wont stick around and try to get your attention. ill tire of it and go the other way fast.

I always try my best to be patient....but there are some that I want, that I want now....which is where this Aries trait deems to be true. :)

Picture Quotes of Aries

I am patient in some situations.yes slow computers and shit like that for sure

Why Your Sign Is Important: Aries. {zodiac files}

Why Your Sign Is Important: Aries. I hope as an Aries, that I am like this. Strong, but compassionate.

Think I actually said all these just today lol

Aries Popular Phrases: "You already said that." "I need some music." "Why is this taling so long?