Sometimes! #INFP

Her mind was so complex that even she had trouble navigating it (quote) Karen Cox.


Silence is pure and holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking ~ Nicolas Sparks (The Notebook)

Ooohhhh so true! For INFP too

- My oldest daughter in a nutshell, wise beyond her years. Too serious at times, this is why Infj's need a tall Infp to teach them to unwind. Thank God I'm Infp, we are perfect together.

~Being Alone Together" "Introvert love/friendship" [Mental Peace, Emotional Health, in a relationship]~

INFP and INFJ: Being Alone Together

Couple reading, I love being alone , Together, 21 Introvert - INFJ cartoons by INFJoe


The introvert mind INFP welcome to my world where I treasure getting lost,

Lol....why i hate calls and chit chat.....INFP Problems


why i hate calls and chit chat.INFP Problems I avoid phone calls like they are the cause of the plague.