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Room number sign at Andaz Hotel

Directional signage More

unique way of displaying map and directions

Bike / bicycle parking sign - so cute

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Beautiful signage

Lighting signage for a hotel. This gave me another idea. If you placed 2 black lights in the positions of the normal lighting on this signage you could have the logo or type in UV o the wall enabling the black lights to highlight this.

contemporary house number | metal and blonde wood || brievenbus

house number: metal and blonde wood, brievenbus

Aethetically pleasing to match environment.

Recycled Materials - Wood Signage

Beautiful signage

Recycled Materials - Wood Signage - get light wood and let the weather do it's work on it, photographing yearly

Bentuk - The Energy

incorporate interesting forms of architecture in the design, good idea if it flowed with the style of surrounding buildings

Bronx River Greenway Signage by Michael Benvenga, via Behance

Bronx River Greenway Signage by Michael Benvenga, New York Parks!

Various bike lane dividers compared, via @peopleforbikes. Visit the boards >>

The Green Lane Project infographic, outlining innovative ways to highlight the development of bike lanes and ensure safe journeys for riders.