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Cosmetics manufacturers have started to use honey in many of their products. This has even reached high end salons which use honey with special mixtures for various purposes:

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“And in it (Paradise), their drink is mixed with ginger…” Onlara orada (Cennette) bir dolu kadeh sunulur ki, karışımı zencefildir.

Islamic medicine Benefits of banana according to Hadith on Fruit of Paradise (Jannah) This is another insight into what Somali Islam people might do for health practices

Ajahn instructed me that a little meat is sometimes good for protein, but the Buddhist in me rebels, even though I do like fish. Fish feel pain in exactly the same way that other animals do.

Lotus is a thorny shrub both wild and cultivated. It originates in Arabia and Yemen, and is grown in Egypt and on the coast of the Mediterranean. It belongs to the Rhamnaceae family. The fruit or jujube has a sweet taste and a nice smell.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “Sweet pomegranate is good for the stomach and strengthens it, because it acts as a gentle astringent. It is beneficial for the throat, chest and lungs, and is good for coughs. Its juice acts as a laxative and offers slow nourishment t

I don't ever recall using Cress. Is it the same as 'watercress'?

Islamic Medicine is the most credible collection of prophetic medicine and Islamic guide on treatment of physical and psychological problems.

Hassan Howaidi confirms that clearing the vision with antimony is effective…

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change that I have to make: try and eat olive oil (first by eating it in a dish and eventually [InShaAllah] eating it on its own)