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a cake decorated like a hedgehog sitting on top of a table next to apples
a pink frosted cake with chocolate sticks sticking out of it's face on a white plate
30 Times People Tried Their Hand At Making Hedgehog Cakes But Failed Miserably
there is a cake shaped like a monster on the table
a cake with yellow frosting and blue decorations on it's face is decorated like a minion
We are family(?) [nct x you]
a cake with green frosting and monster eyes
a cake with frosting and icing that looks like a woman's face
there is a cake that looks like a clown face
two cups with writing on them sitting on a table
janji jiwa
a person holding a cup in their hand while sitting in a car with the door open
two people holding up drinks in front of their faces with the words xi bo ba on them
Xi bo ba
many different types of candy are on the table
You are not Alone.