anggy cempaka

anggy cempaka
ジャカルタ / Fashion. Japan. Quirky-kawaii things. Please check out my creations : for Japanese Fashion Lovers ^^
anggy cempaka
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Tailor Toyo x Comme Des Garcons

Tailor Toyo x Comme Des Garconsm, Tailor Toyo Tiger Sukajan, Black Bob & Comme Des Garcons Skirt in Harajuku Full length Pleated skirt with platform shoes.

Oh....LOVE this!!

Az is a resale-loving student who we snapped in Harajuku. Her look includes a coat from the Tokyo resale shop Santa Monica, high wait pants from the resale shop Shonen Junk, WEGO platform sandals (with socks), glasses and a faux fur hat.

Kawaii Neko

Cat-themed fashion has become popular among young Japanese women in their teens and twenties. Many young women love not only cat-themed clothes and shoes but also their hair and even their makeup in the style of a cat.