Angie Syahputri

Angie Syahputri
Surabaya, Indonesia / Your next bestfriend?
Angie Syahputri
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"Tiffany is breathtaking and her face should be stamped in a new 100.000 won bill."

Haeun Kim (portrayed by Tiffany Hwang) is Hayun's stepmother, and is a Caste Caste 5 baroness (by marriage). She is and is naive and vapid, with a hidden vicious streak.

SNSD Tiffany love her curls

Hayun hates her new stepmother, thinking of her as a harlot who ended her father's marriage, despite her parents divorcing years before her father ever met the former dancer.

Hello Krystal, looking gorgeous there! Printed skinny jeans and trendy flats are few of the elements that marries comfort and style effortlessly.

Who is known as the best fashion idol. We've compiled idols with the best style. It's going to be all about the airport fashion of the k-pop idols. Recently, many K-dols were spotted sporting their latest airport fashion.