Need help to reach your goal. #Herbalife #Plymouth #Saltash #gethealthy #changeyourself

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With ‪ what you get out is a direct product of what you put in. There are no short cuts - hard work is the only way to see ‪

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- Change 'I can't' to 'I can' and before long you'll be saying 'I did'.

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Day 2 - Goal setting today and have laid out were I want to be at the end of 2016 and what I want to achieve, tomorrow I will be laying my path to guide me there!

Herbalife Motivation, Challenges, Diet, Nutrition, Loose Weight, Diets

Herbalife Motivation, Challenges

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3 steps to help you achieve your body composition goals by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA If weight loss or weight maintenance is one of your goals this year, understanding how to keep a good energy .