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The Magic List of Baby-Led Weaning Foods - Click to expand!

Best first foods, foods to avoid & BLW tips, except the animal milk one - after 6 months it's fine to use animal milks in cooking, but not for a milk feed.

Breastfeeding positions for newborns and beyond. These breastfeeding positions allow mother and baby to sit or lie down comfortably while nursing. Cradle hold, lying down, football hold, and laid back breastfeeding positions.

Four great breastfeeding positions, suitable for newborns and beyond. See descriptions and instructions for breastfeeding in four different positions.

Being Green Rocks: Cloth Diaper Leak Proof Fit Rise Setting

Instead of snapping down, snap up the rise setting and tuck. Gussets will tuck in nicely, providing a trim, leak free fit between the legs when you use this tip!

Cloth diaper insert comparisons - Hemp vs. Bamboo

Check out my cloth diaper stash here! Find out what types of cloth diapers are there and what you should be looking at when buying your cloth diapers.