Morning at Tenganan Village, Bali, Indonesia

Morning at Tenganan Village, Bali, Indonesia (these people live the way of long ago and it's an interesting place to visit)

Sayur Asam.

It's refreshing soup derived from tamarind pairs well with fried food since it’s stocked with vegetables and some of Indonesia’s most interesting ingredients: melinjo, bilimbi, chayote.

Soto ayam

Ingredients: 1 free-range chicken, about 3 pounds, quartered 2 stalks fresh lemon grass, bruised with the handle of a heavy knife and tied i.

Nasi goreng.

She made the best fried rice.

Mie ayam :D favo

Mie Ayam - almost all Indonesian people definitely love this food! you can add meatballs, shredded chicken, dumplings and sliced ​​scallions. depend on ur taste.

Dabu dabu..

Dabu dabu..

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