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Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her), the beloved daughter of our Prophet (pbuh): from having a striking and amazing resemblance to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) to being affectionately called Az-Zahra, the Splendid One, Fatimah attained an incredible sta

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Subhan'Allah ***Why Muslims prefer to use Allah(SWT) over using God. Don't forget to use a capital 'A' when writing "Allah "

Our prophet pbuh

ISLAMIC Teachings(Food of Prophet Muhammad(May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)

Lessons from Surah Kahaf

Every Surah of Quran packs its own benefits. This act is greatly beneficial and even reading the Quran randomly has its own benefits. Surah Kahf is a chapter of the Holy Quran that contains four st.

Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. hopefully we all can be strong as him