Annamariatata Tata

Annamariatata Tata

Annamariatata Tata
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Origami rose

Origami rose

達人折りのバラの折り紙 10 Only one origami rose 10

LOTS of origami roses.


折纸 Tutorial for very nice origami rose.

Diagrama da Estrela Vera de Carla Onishi de Godoy pg 2

Estrela Vera's Diagram and many more!

Firefly Kusudama

This is the gallery of Lukasheva Ekaterina paper art. I adore modular origami technique, kusudamas and papercraft geometric objects. You can find here visual ideas, some diagrams and tutorials of my beautiful kusudamas.

Little Roses Kusudama Origami

Kusudama, modular flower ball origami, without glue.


Little Roses Kusudama - diagram

Repiny - Most inspiring pictures and photos!

Kind of how to make Paper Tuxedo

Origami basket - also makes a beautiful dish.  Photo diagrams.

Origami Box for beautiful roses :)

This is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so easy and fun. Can't wait to make it next weekend.

Issey Miyake "IN-EI" objet : lampe en papier, plis, blanc, éclairage