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Roasted beets and carrots make the best side dish that's packed with flavor. This side is made with simple ingredients that come together to make an easy Christmas holiday side. This dish is made with carrots, beets, honey, oil, salt, pepper, and thyme, all of which come together to make a flavorful side that kids and adults will love. Try this side dish recipe today!


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55 Plant Paradox Recipes + 36 Meals: Lectin-Free Diet Complete Collection

Plant paradox food list

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Discover three lectin free alternatives for mashed potatoes--mashed cauliflower, mashed parsnips, and mashed sweet potatoes. Enjoy the flavor and texture of comfort food without the lectins!

Lectin free diet

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Best prebiotic foods

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Tzatziki recipes

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Flounder recipes

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Homemade tomato sauces

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Air fryer recipes healthy

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A homemade Italian lupini beans recipe and how to cook, prepare, store, and enjoy this high-protein, high fiber, and low carb snack. Plus, how to make lupin hummus or low-carb lupin bread (2 bonus recipes).

Gassy foods and removing lectins

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Plant based diet

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Grab your cutting board!...
 • tomatoes
 • lentils
 • berries
 • squash
 • raspberries
 • potatoes
 • avocados

Plant protein

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Filet mignon recipes

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Roasted fruit and veggies

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AIP Rosemary Flatbread | The Open Cookbook

Bread , tortillas, flatbread

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Paleo diet recipes

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Easy marinade recipes

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Acid reflux diet meals

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Halibut recipes healthy

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Vitamin d rich food

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