Catwoman - Selina Kyle

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'Batman' writer teases how Batman-Catwoman's engagement affects the DC Universe

'That's going to cause both tension and happiness throughout DC comic books,' writer Tom King tells EW

Julie Newmar as Catwoman

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Batman Becomes an Actual Dark Knight - Batman # 39 - The Fanboy SEO

This week in Batman # 39, marvel as Batman becomes an actual dark knight and fight demons and dragons together with Wonder Woman. Written by Tom King with art by Joelle Jones.


Batman and Catwoman say something we’ve waited 77 years to hear…

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“It's just breathing. I don't let go. You do with me. Batman #78.”

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Batman, Say it fast. Really fast. As fast as you can. Over and over. So what do you hear? Badman. Bad. Man. Batman. Badman. To me... Now and forever... one and the same. - Peter J. Tomasi all spoiler posts are tagged "wednesday spoilers" add me on snapchapt! taskrnaster (with an RN instead of M)

Catwoman: When in Rome (Collected)

This paperback collects the Catwoman: When in Rome storyline which was written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale. It is the sequel to the Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory storyline. The Catwoman: When in Rome storyline was published from November, 2004 to April, 2005 in its own comic book series Catwoman: When in Rome. This storyline is about Catwoman's mysterious trip to Italy and her dealings with the deadly Falcone Crime Family. This paperback collects the…

Batman Asks Catwoman To Marry Him

The Bane threat has been handled and Gotham Girl's sanity restored, which means it's time for some reflection for Batman. Odds are you didn't exactly expect the move he makes on the final page of Batman #24.Spoilers incoming for Batman #24, so you've been warned.In the aftermath of Bane's [...]


e-ripley: “Catwoman #40 ”

The Black Bat & the Purple Cat

This blog focuses on the more colorful days of the sexy BatCat couple. You will mainly find Batman with the intelligent, sassy, beautiful, PURPLE Catwoman here. Enjoy!

Catwoman (2018)

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