I’m an H shape, not waist to speak of, and sometimes I wish I could wear a belt, but they just show off my lack of waist. So what are my options? How to Wear a Belt, H or O Shape by imogenl featuring Option 1 is to wear it low down.

Catherine Malandrino deep V-neck tunic image - Dress to hide your belly. Pretty sure I wouldn't wear it with a deep v-neck - sheesh. BUT - tunic style shirt wouldn't be so bad. I always feel like I'm somewhere between looking like I have maternity clothes on or things are too tight >.

Clothing to hide belly fat Tunic Trimmer: If your tummy gives you trouble, a flowing tunic should become your new BFF. This feminine style is lightweight, embroidered and, best of all, hides all kinds of sins.

Styles to Hide the Tummy …Tip of the Week

When youre hiding your stomach, an untucked blouse can work wonders. This style, with its ruched bow front and shirttail hem slims and hides trouble areas.