Annisa Gilang Pamekar

Annisa Gilang Pamekar
Indonesia / blue, taureans and unpredictable.
Annisa Gilang Pamekar
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Keep your lamps always burning. And keep watch.

°Himalayan Salt Rock absorbs & neutralizes all the negative energy, toxins, allergens & irritants in your environment. Place a small bowl of these rocks in your space for energy cleansing, purifying & detoxifying. I have two salt lamps that work well.

Strong arms

YOGA SEQUENCE FOR STRONG ARMS This sequence is all about holding, most yoga poses require a lot of holding on so why not strengthen by holding the foundation? - DOWNWARD FACING DOG Man will you feel this in the shoulders but get up close personal

Check out these incredible Vinyl Wood-Grain Fence Images of Illusions Vinyl Fence. You won't believe your eyes that this is actually PVC vinyl fencing.

Whether you are just starting out on the journey of trying to #conceive or if you have already walked the path of infertility, the one solution you can try is yoga. How does yoga impact fertility? Read on to find out!

Yoga for Fertility :Doing yoga everyday enhances the body functioning and balances the mental state. With Yoga, not only your stress level comes down but emotional and hormonal balance is also achieved.These simple yet powerful fertility poses shoul