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Emma stone and Andrew Garfield, the amazing spider man 2, quote

the amazing spider man Peter and Gwen setting "ground rules" for their new "just friends" relationship. Too bad this is only part of the scene cuz the whole thing is adorable! One of my fav parts of the movie.

Perks of Being a Wallflower... I think my mind purposefully locked away memories of that movie because in ways it hit me too close to home, I don't remember

Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we're nothing. We accept the love we think we deserve - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I now love you. "But I think he was really quite guilty of projecting a fantasy onto this girl that. was pretty wrapped up in his own selfish point of view.

Heartbreaking love quotes from movies and TV: 17 Again

Niall just confirmed that him and Barbara are dating. Im shaking so hard from crying. I love you guys xx Be good to him Barbara please! D,,,X<<< well I'm sad.

another cinderella story. ♡

"You know what really stinks about falling for a guy you know you're not right for? You fall anyway because you think he might turn out to be different. story of my life right now.