Mast Brothers Chocolate -- great example of beautiful graphics with a high end design feel. definitely a high price point for chocolate bars, but has an expensive brand feel

ice cream party/ packaging

I love the packaging! free ice cream container wraps and labels! What fun for a old fashioned ice cream shoppe birthday, retirement, baby shower, office parties!

Alphabet Scoop Packaging by Rebecca Lim

Alphabet Scoop Packaging by Rebecca Lim. I love how the words play off of alphabet soup. Very clever. And I love the idea it's for I've cream! Nice to see how the fonts actually look on the overall product.

chinese wedding tea bag Favors

The Lotus Seed and Red Date Tea for the traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony. The tea bags themselves are wrapped within the folds of the two entwined Chinese characters for “happiness,” producing a pattern signifying “double happiness.

message inside

Lulu's Urban Cupcakery

Lulu-s Urban Cupcakery Branding - The technique of using pinstripes on food packaging rarely ceases to incite a craving and Lulu's Urban Cupcakery branding would leave no one w.

Screen-Printed Cake Boxes, shameless self-promotion

packaging is different for all types of products but is the same size and capacity for all packaged deals. You can find our products packaged up like this to take away or in our deals.

Make It Pop by Farm Design #identity #packaging #branding PD #2014 top team pin

This is soooo good! everything matches (even UV spot dots on the inside and spot gloss dots on the popsicle packaging)--- spots because realism wouldn't fit the brand