Allah is the Best of Planners!  ❤️   #Islam #Muslims

Syukur alhamdulillah for everything. just when u thought life hits u so bad. thats when He bring lights to u. when u learnt to accept faith and let go. thats when you feel peace. becoz He indeed is listening and looking at you.

It was beautiful to hear you talk about alim e arwah. Even if I knew it.. I loved it when you explain. It sounds more beautiful when I hear you say about Our creator and our beloved Prophet

Soulmates explained by rasulullah now this explains why when I first met my husband why I felt like I'd known him forever and felt this intense pull of familiarity.


"Yaa Rabb, show me what's right is right, keep me on it, strengthen me with it, bless me with it.

Setiap hari adalah hari kasih syang jd mengapa harus merayakan valentine. . . . #valentinesday #notforme

To Allah we belong and to him is our return, no matter how long or how short we live we will all return to Allah s.

For Allah (swt) have better plans then we do.

For Allah (swt) have better plans than we do. Have patience and perseverance.